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I'll steal your dreams
along with the night
and give them back
when I perfect them
my love will remain
your sunless shadow
so never try to run
from your shadow
or try to lose the
shadow in the light
this unintentional plan
is majestic and elaborate
tonight is only a shy
tomorrow with hopes
to arrive early
but I'd rather him
wait so I can revel
in this with you
:iconblender13:blender13 0 1
I wish to sleep in
your arms and
dream of nothing
but us
fresh flowers,
sprinkled with
rain showers are
what remind me of you
these snowflakes
drift to the earth
and land on our noses,
kissing as we kiss
with the stars afire,
the night sky is burned
alive for us all to see,
to take rejoice in its pain
:iconblender13:blender13 0 0
as I lay at night,
I can feel your heart
beat faster and slower
with your hand in mine
I'll sweep you off
your feet and whisk you
away into my dreams
where fireworks will
light our eyes with every kiss
hold me in your arms
when we sleep to
feel my every move
and to sweep me off
my feet
along with the sun
we shall rise
but when the sun goes down
we shall stay risen
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light traffic by blender13 light traffic :iconblender13:blender13 0 5
I am caught
in your wings
and forever wish
to remain there
where I am safe
from the rain
that threatens
to drown me
and the sun that
hopes to burn me
it is what I
rely on to
keep the stars
shining bright
enough to catch
them for you
open your heart
and wrap me
around it so
I can love you
and hold you
close to me with
each heartbeat
:iconblender13:blender13 0 1
I am the last
breath you take
before you fall
and on this drive
the moon weaves
in and out of
the trees
dropping their leaves
to the ground with
open arms, each one
representing how much
I've fallen for you
and how you fell
from Cupid's wings
into my heart and life
I am the first
ray of light you see
when you wake
:iconblender13:blender13 0 0
permanent dream
there is no me
without you
and like the
rain, I will
bring you rainbows
the shadows that
follow us lean
against the wall
and bleed a joy
in the color of
leaving me paralyzed
with love, your
letters make the
words dance across
the paper and
into my heart
kissing your picture
every night can
never compare to
your kiss, which
is the most beautiful
permanent dream
:iconblender13:blender13 0 4
I am alive
inside you
and shining
in your smile
dreaming up
a symphony
of happiness
and love
sweep me
off my
feet and
float to
the stars
with me
where we
will be
in solace
:iconblender13:blender13 1 2
kisses in the
air have
brought us
as a colorful
wind drifts
through your
hair the
sunset freezes
to smile upon us
and the stars
will unfold into
a beautiful
with the moon
at our side
we will be
hand in hand
lip to lip
:iconblender13:blender13 1 2
with your eyes
it works in perfection
crawling into your
to paint a picture
too vivid for words
smiles and impulses
come next
in a wave of
fragmented thoughts
only to wrap
around my heart
in your hands
:iconblender13:blender13 0 1
A Lily's Effect
    A Lily's Effect
Pre March
each star was lonely
independently shining
individually dying
the heartbeat dims
confused rhythms
indecisive glimmers
only knowing simpleness and isolation
on the twenty-eighth day
with deep confession
reformation, clarity
admission of a stars emergence of admiration
nerves beat to submission
when he finally conceded
to everpresent rapture
presence of light was missed
but now opportunity is embraced
forgotten relationships
forgotten past
looking forward to now
a pleasant future in the present
lingering doubt wiped away
on the twenty-eighth day
:iconblender13:blender13 1 2
I dream outloud
to reveal myself to
let the wind
carry us away
while floating
on memories
spun around in
your presence
I miss my
in your eyes
lead me to
paradise with
your smile
where we will
embrace each
other's shadow
:iconblender13:blender13 0 4
shadows no longer
chase me in the dark
now that I walk
with you under these stars
we write time together
with our dreams
and watch it stand still
for an hour
may the sun set sail
on your heart and
bring me along
for the ride
when the shadows fade
we will be left to
drift into rapture
:iconblender13:blender13 0 2
movelog by blender13 movelog :iconblender13:blender13 1 3
under your
concrete sky
I will watch
the stars
fall into
all the things
I have become
death is
fleeting and
I am lethargic
even your
misguided halo
couldn't be my
as I will
leave, I
hope the
sky becomes
as transparent
as you are
:iconblender13:blender13 0 5
awake with
fresh tears
and a grin
no one could
your elegant
disaster left
me with
an expired
it's killing me
to know that
the smooth
moon has
become my
only companion
in the night sky
don't leave
me like this
you forgot
to twist
the knife
:iconblender13:blender13 0 2

Random Favourites

Political - eklipzed
no one drives and we all push
broken down and out of gas
all over the streets
bumper cars and silent sighs.
think straight but talking backwards
calculated and calm,
worried my head off long ago.
the road is a graveyard for holes,
crumbs from the shadows...
dont take the elevator;
they all crash down
stringy box nightmare...
suicide bombers on the neon signs...
25 cents and you're a serenading trap.
don't look back.
don't look back.
close your eyes and prance
sit numb in stance
dance until there are nubs left
and dance some more
erase this off the page
take it off and ignore it in a pinch,
the taxman's coming...
don't have anything to take?
he'll take you...
give him the mirror
show him a globe
put yourself inside
and hide in the king's invisible robe.
toilets filled with televisions
and grin in the booze;
drunk and sly...
you clever kings.
presidents in the monarchy
and queen at penn ave.
she's staring at the tunnel...
she's writing up a bible,
take her by the hand...
she'll lead you
:iconeklipzed:eklipzed 2 7
a lone sentinel by pooka a lone sentinel :iconpooka:pooka 3 25 Unwanted by urbanreality Unwanted :iconurbanreality:urbanreality 2 8 Pride Flag by blarg Pride Flag :iconblarg:blarg 37 85 Angry Key Deviants 3 by dygel Angry Key Deviants 3 :icondygel:dygel 155 302
Thoughts Kept Hidden
and in your eyes
there's light that falls
to horizons of nothing
cut just the same
and in your heart
there's water that drips to nowhere
and rises back to where it came..
caught in coral burst
colors exploding on the walls
a box of air;
and butterflies in your hair;
tenderness all the time...
eyes that flitter and fly
dancing on my face
as i erupt in such feeling;
smiling to the back of your head
and loving the silence said.
Thoughts Kept Hidden
:iconeklipzed:eklipzed 2 10
another leaf falls
another leaf falls
only to form small ripples
on this vast lagoon
:icontwilight-ashes:twilight-ashes 1 11
Battleship Arizona by princesnoopy Battleship Arizona :iconprincesnoopy:princesnoopy 2 3 Unleashed - Experimental by korsika Unleashed - Experimental :iconkorsika:korsika 2 17 shift dimension final phase by pixelcatalyst shift dimension final phase :iconpixelcatalyst:pixelcatalyst 8 14 My Puppeteer by g-host My Puppeteer :icong-host:g-host 2 19 DevaintSkin Suite Wall by deviantskinz DevaintSkin Suite Wall :icondeviantskinz:deviantskinz 9 33
Humiliation by rapidograph
I stumbled half-asleep into the main office like I'd done hundreds of Mondays before, but was suddenly struck speechless by the adorable new receptionist behind the desk.
"Hi there."
I choked on a mouthful of donut.  She was a petite brunette with huge turquoise eyes and a natural peach blush to her round face.  When she smiled, I swore a cloud of pixie dust swirled around the lobby.  Glassy-eyed, I managed a "G-g-g-goo' morngh," or something that resembled a greeting and swallowed hard as I headed to my desk.
My buddy Tim came up to me and whispered hoarsely, "Dude!  What do you think?"
"The new girl?  Geeze, she's a knockout!"
"You gonna ask her out?" he asked.
"I would be a fool not to, but..."
"But what?  She was checking your butt out.  I saw it!  She wants you man!"
I wiped donut crumbs off my chest and took a slurp of some cold coffee.  "She does NOT want me you dork."  I found my
:iconrapidograph:rapidograph 39 117
we're almost home.
two black holes did a dance in the sun
one bent
one bent
wingtip to x^2, he's a gate to the other side of
velocity: I am an exponent of
angel stretch your arms; portal wide, she's a door to the heavens.  angel get your fusion drive and fly.  if it was just a dream, I'd be here.  you'd be waiting in the hall with lights all around; nothing can stop the vast of space.  not tonight.
she's slow, like an orchestra of stars.
he's leaving home for the first time.
finally...  she sleeps like a softly failing snow, like a silver ship in the coronaflare.  for the last time, this trail leads through the forever, it's a string of atoms - it's comfort in the smallest.  get up and dance, we're almost home.
a fragile planet - the seaspray never meant to leave you thirsty, it's vineyards never meant to co-produce.  now she's alone, the branches of her many trees wave goodb
:iconfrail:frail 11 28
The Angry Key Deviants by iMike The Angry Key Deviants :iconimike:iMike 66 252


dissolving life by suzi9mm dissolving life :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 2,169 496 grand piano by suzi9mm
Mature content
grand piano :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 14,740 3,358
asian by Feni-x asian :iconfeni-x:Feni-x 2,219 355 Heart of many pieces by lexidh Heart of many pieces :iconlexidh:lexidh 125 36 Drawn Exposure by aaronactive Drawn Exposure :iconaaronactive:aaronactive 4 7 the sweet balance of vinyl by ssilence the sweet balance of vinyl :iconssilence:ssilence 3,608 521 How to Survive a Terror Attack by mibi How to Survive a Terror Attack :iconmibi:mibi 3,469 771 Field of Red Tulips by akyra Field of Red Tulips :iconakyra:akyra 3 10


Well, my subscription has ran out, probably for good, I honestly don't know if it is worth it for me to renew it.  I've been here for over 5 years, and have seen a number of changes, most have been good, but the ones that weren't as positive have left me scratching my head.  I'll still visit the site, but I will no longer have the nifty * or = symbol anymore.  I hope all of you enjoy your time here, I know that I enjoyed parts of it if nothing else.

What has become of this?


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John Michel
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Print preference: Matte
Favourite photographer: ssilence, deli, aet, adam1975, rustajb, yokom, olya
Favourite style of art: Photography | Abstract | Minimalistic | Impressionist
MP3 player of choice: iPod | iTunes
Shell of choice: sea
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confucious



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